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“Nusrat. The Last Prophet of Music” won Dragon Forum 2011.

During the awarding ceremony of Krakow Film Festival the organizers of 6th edition of the International Academy of Document Dragon Forum 2011 announced the winners of the ongoing since February documentary film workshops. The winner is “Nusrat. The Last Prophet of Music”. The jury emphasized the passion and personal commitment of the directors in the works on the film and the usage of the unique artistic and narrative approach.

The feature-length and cinema distribution reflects a popular trend in Western Europe of watching real stories on a big screen. For example in France on average from 2 to 3 documentaries enters to cinemas each month. In Poland there are still common short forms. The filmmakers undertook the ambitious task of introducing the full-length documentary films on Polish cinema screens. Film “Nusrat. The Last Prophet of Music” will be prepared in English with a proper translation in order to be flexibly displayed in the country and abroad. The works are advanced and the directors focus on looking for Polish and/or foreign producer.